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Choose an ethical case study to analyze. Cases can be from the textbook, one of the cases posted on the class website (Canvas), a topic of your choosing (with prior approval), or the current ASCE Daniel Mead Ethics paper competition topic (see ASCE website). Any case study can be used except one that you presented on in class. Prior approval for external cases is required because not all engineering failures make good ethical case studies.

The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate your understanding of professional ethics and relevant ethical theories discussed in the textbook (utilitarianism, cost-benefit analysis, duty and rights ethics, virtue ethics, etc.) The major focus of the essay is to demonstrate your critical and creative thinking skills to analyze the case, NOT the engineering details of the case.

Your essay should analyze and make an argument for the appropriate conduct expected from engineers. Use the ASCE Code of Ethics to highlight expectations of professional conduct and responsibility relevant to the case. Use additional research to provide more case information, if needed, and to clarify terms and concepts, and facts of the case. Approximately 1500 words (5 pages).

Structure – Do not overlook paragraph organization to provide clear logical organization and transitions. Plan what you want to say. Introduce the purpose of the essay, present necessary case facts, relevant issues, and argue why ASCE expectations of professional conduct may or may not have been violated. Make sure to include a conclusion.

Language – Maintain a professional and respectful voice. Make sure your essay has been spell checked and proof read for potential grammatical errors.

Collect & Analyze Information – Thoughtful analysis can be demonstrated by asking tough questions and finding additional information that bears upon the issues.

References – Include the class textbook, the ASCE Code of Ethics, and outside references. Include a bibliography with a minimum of three references.

Citation Format – We will use the APA style format for in-text citations and references. The in-text citation for the ASCE Code of Ethics should be (ASCE Code of Ethics, 2020).

add 2 or 3 more references to use in the paper. please follow the instructions above and let me know if you need any clarifications. thank you