Writer's choice (insulin, certain diet, healthy changes)

I want the paper to be something about insulin in a particular type of diet and how this diet can help make healthy contributions and help people with diabetes live a healthier lifestyle. I have attached a powerpoint named “module 12” to give you more of an idea for the topic. Feel free to message me if you come up with better topics to research for this paper.
Also, in the sample template in mentions that an abstract and keywords are required, note that I do not need either of those. So do not worry about an abstract or keywords.

Some other instructions:

– The paper needs to be 4 pages + title page and reference page
– The literature review pursues to synthesize the information and draw association between sources.
– APA format
– In-text citations
– I need a low similarity percentage. Aim for 10% or lower.
– I am flexible about the number of sources, but aim for something around 10, just communicate with me if you want to go over 10 sources or if you can’t reach 10 sources.
I am flexible