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World War I was the most devasting war that the world had yet known. The Fourteen Points that U.S. president Woodrow Wilson wanted to be incorporated into the Treaty of Versailles were intended to prevent future wars. After reading the summary of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points and the excerpts from the Treaty of Versailles, discuss the following: Which, if any, of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points were incorporated into the Treaty of Versailles? If Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points had been international law before World War I began, would they have prevented it from happening? Based on the evidence in the Fourteen Points, how does Woodrow Wilson seem to feel about imperialism? What role did imperialism play in starting the war? In discussing these questions make reference to specific parts of the Treaty of Versailles and specific points in the Fourteen Points. Do not quote from either document. Paraphrase instead.

You may not use any outsides sources to help you answer these questions.
Even though this assignment asks you to address more than one question, please write one coherent essay in which the different elements of the assignment are the focus of separate paragraphs joined together by transitional sentences.