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Note: please use the textbook as references. I attached the chapter from book on the file. If you use any other resource that has to be based on USA and within 5 years, please. Thank you!
Finkelman, A. W. (2019). In Professional nursing concepts: Competencies for quality leadership (4th ed.). essay, Jones & Bartlett Learning. (this is the APA format for the book).

Unit 1 Clinical Week 1 Discussion Questions
Please answer the following questions and then respond to at least two your clinical group’s postings:(Your post should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs in order to answer the questions)

1. Utilizing your results of the ATI RN Leadership Online Practice 2019 A test, what do you have to learn about nursing leadership and management of patient care? Were you surprised about the leadership content that you are expected to know? Explain why you think the nurse is expected to know this information about leadership?”
What types of positive—and negative—leadership and management behaviors have you observed in your NURS 212 clinical unit during your first week? One can learn from positive and negative experiences.
How can you apply these observations to your personal growth as a future RN leader/ manager of patient care? Compare your observations to the textbook with page citations. (Note: Do not mention names of the individuals you choose to use as examples of good or bad leaders/managers.)
2. Conduct a search on the Internet or in the library to locate resources that will help novice nurses acquire and/or enhance leadership and management skills. Share and discuss your findings. (Note: You must identify resources that are different from those in the textbook. Also, if you find a resource that has already been posted by a student colleague, you will need to find something different.)Why is it important that nurses who are not in administrative positions understand and acquire leadership and management skills? For instance, how can these skills be helpful in the patient care setting? (Give specific examples.)
3. What workplace issues were addressed or are of concern to the nursing staff on the clinical unit? What workplace issues were addressed or of concern to management? Based upon your observations during your first clinical week, identify additional workplace issues that were discussed in your text and course modules that you perceive as a current or potential problem?