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Writer my Theme, Topic, and Issues are below:
Theme: Human Resource Legal Considerations
Topic: Conflict Resolution
Issues: (1) Sources of conflict in the workplace and their effects on productivity (2) The role that culture plays in the process of conflict resolution (3) Conflict resolution solving/decision-making.

Writer please include Running Head and cite everything from the sources.

Writer on the Completed Literature Matrix attached, Please use the Literature Review of Topic 2 to check the Method and Design of Qualitative, Quantitative research, Purpose and Research question.

Writer pease review, do spell check this assignment before sending

Writer please follow instructions from MGMT 8715 Week 7 Assignment Learning Resources, Assignment HINTS, Recommended Articles, and completed Literature Matrix, Literature Review Topic 2.

Revisit the articles you have found for both of your remaining projects and focus on their design and methods. Review them, noting differences and similarities as well as feasibility.
You will need to refer to this information in order to complete both of the remaining projects, which are due in Weeks 8 and 10, respectively.
For this Assignment, you will for your two remaining projects state:
• The theme, topic, and issues
• Rationale
• Justification
• Purpose
• Research question
• Nature of the study
• Data collection

Criteria for “superior” Assignment:
(a) Student develops a thorough and detailed focus of the project for both Projects 2 and 3 of the following components: theme, topic, and issues; rationale; justification; and the purpose, and the research question of the study. There are no errors.
(b) Student develops a thorough and detailed Nature of the Study section for both Projects 2 and 3. There are no errors. þ Student develops a thorough and detailed Data Collection Method section for both Projects 2 and 3, including the potential population. There are no errors. þ Student consistently follows APA writing style and basic rules of formal English grammar and written essay style. Student communicates in a cohesive, logical style. There are no spelling or grammar errors.
© Student demonstrates full adherence to APA style with respect to source attribution, references, heading and subheading logic, table of contents and lists of charts, etc. There are no APA error