Writer's choice

Writer my Theme, Topic, and Issues are:
1`Theme:Human Resource Legal Considerations
Topic: Global Contract Negotiation
Issues: (1)Global cultural variances and their impact on negotiations (2) Conducting negotiations

Writer follow the instructions on the Week 7 Discussion Learning Resources and Discussion HINTS.

Writer follow the instructions on the Criteria for “Superior” initial post
Criteria for “superior” initial post:
(a) Student accurately includes the complete references and links from two articles and provides a thorough and detailed analysis of the design and methods in each article, including the value of each article to his/her inquiry.
(b) Student consistently follows APA writing style and basic rules of formal English grammar and written essay style. Student communicates in a cohesive, logical style. There are no spelling or grammar errors.
(c) Student demonstrates full adherence to APA style with respect to source
attribution, references, heading and subheading logic, table of contents and lists of charts, etc. There are no APA errors. Citations and references support position.
Writer please follow this instructions:
Post a critical review of the design and the methods of at least two important articles for your second project. Include a brief assessment of the quality of each article and its value to your inquiry.