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Read the Case Study.
Complete PART 1 of in the CASE STUDY. Answer the questions in a memo format.
Write a memo. You are to act like you are the HR Professional. You are the person who is going to help open the fitness club in Italy so you are supposed to be the one with all the knowledge you will be making recommendations to the management team. Do you just write about the sources and staffing. Tell what your recommendations are.
Include the 4 questions in your memo. Use the questions as Headers on your memo.
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• Identify the key challenges and trends in the changing globalized workforce in order to implement effective human resource practices
• Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture
You are part of the HR department. Your supervisor asks you to write a memo to
management that explains recruiting, selecting, and staffing employees for the new clubs.
Some of the questions they would like to see addressed are:
1. What are the different sources of staffing, and which one would be recommended for
these new clubs? (Both the general manager and the instructors)
2. How should recruiting be carried out?
3. What kind of selection process should be used?
4. Create a Job Description for the manager’s role (SEE TEMPLATE IN FILE)

Respond to the management with a memo. Respond to each question and give a suggestion on how the club should proceed.