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Unit 2 Clinical Week 2 Discussion Questions
Please answer the following questions: (Your post should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs in order to answer the questions.
Question 1: Delegation After reading the assigned textbook readings, the New Jersey Board of NUrsing legal components of delegation, and the Joint Statement on Delegation, describe two events you either observed or were involved in on the unit where you are precepting that involved delegation to a staff member. Remember that assigning is different from delegation. Who did the delegating? Identify to whom and what task was delegated. Discuss the delegation event, using the principles of delegation you read in the Joint Statement. Document the delegation using the delegation tree steps.
Please do not use the names of specific units or staff involved in the scenarios you describe.

Question 2: Time Management and Prioritization in Nursing Care
Part 1: Conduct an Internet search for “Nursing Time Management and Prioritization.” Post the URL (web address) of your favorite site on this topic to the discussion board, explain what you liked about the site, and share how you can apply what you learned to your own management of time and prioritization of patient care.
Part 2: After reading the course information of time management and prioritization, reflect on your time with your preceptor. How did the RN plan the work of the shift at the beginning of the day? How did the RN prioritize individual patient care? How did the RN prioritize the care of the group of patients? Report your findings and respond to classmates’ posts.

Resources given by instructor:
New Nurse Time Management Tips – YouTube
(344) Nursing delegation video – YouTube
New Jersey Board of Nursing Delegation and Assignment-1.docx
NJ Board of Nursing: Decision Making ModelLinks to an external site.

NJ Board of Nursing: Delegation of Selected Nursing TasksLinks to an external site.
Finkelman, A. W. (2019). In Professional nursing concepts: Competencies for quality leadership
(4th ed.). essay, Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Note: Please, any resources or references that are used must be based on USA practice and within 5 years. please use the recourses that been given. Thank you!