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Write an academic essay that responds to one of the prompts below, following the specified requirements:

-Choose an application area, such as an industry or scientific field, and explore how different algorithms have been used to solve computational problems relevant to that area.
-Choose an algorithm and explore how that algorithm has been used to solve computational problems relevant to various different application areas.
-Choose a computational problem and explore how other computational problems that are relevant to various application areas can be reduced to that problem.

-Your essay must be 1600 ± 75 words in length.
-Your essay must have a title and abstract. Your abstract should be between 4 and 10 sentences long.
-The main body of your essay must include an introduction and conclusion.
-Your essay must include a bibliography and cite at least 3 academic or peer reviewed sources (Google Scholar is a great source). The citations in your bibliography must be written in either IEEE, APA, or MLA style.

Application Ideas
-Chemical engineering
-Structural engineering
-Electrical engineering
-Physical simulation
-Computer graphics
-Social sciences
-Financial planning
-Energy production
-Medical diagnostics
-Disaster preparedness

Discussion Ideas

-When was the algorithm first developed? Who developed it? What problem were the developers originally trying to solve? Has the algorithm been improved since it was first developed?
-Does the algorithm fit into a larger category of algorithms? E.g., is the algorithm a greedy algorithm? Divide and conquer algorithm? Approximation algorithm?
-Are there multiple different algorithms for solving the same problem? What makes the algorithms different from each other, e.g., do they have different best-case or worst-case running times?
-Can you give a high-level overview or intuition of how the algorithm works? You do not need to get into fine-grain technical or implementation details.

The above ideas are merely suggestions, and you are not bound to them. However, when choosing a topic, please ensure that it effectively answers the prompt. Please explore algorithms that we have not already studied in this class, e.g., please don’t discuss sorting algorithms or graph search algorithms like BFS, DFS, Dijkstra’s, or A* search.

Sample Outline

-Introduction Paragraph
-Background on the topic/algorithm
-Point 1 – Discuss advancement in industry/field 
-Point 2 – Discuss advancement in industry/field