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Question 1: Mandatory Question-Police Reform in a Democratic Society (CHAPTER 1)
Chapter 1 discusses the role of police in society, specifically about police role in a democratic society. Given the events surrounding the extralegal killing of George Floyd and subsequent calls for police reforms, apply the four major themes from the chapter (see below) in recommending at least two reforms that you believe are necessary toward achieving a more just and effective policing.
CHAPTER 1 Themes:
-Right to Use Force
-Social Contract
-Citizens’ Role in Assisting Police
-Increasing Complexity

Question 2: Mandatory Question (CHAPTER 11: Breeding Deviant Conformity)
In the first half of your answer, critically review the three most important points made in the chapter. In the second half of your answer, select what you believe is the core issue among the three you selected above and discuss this issue in further detail.

The files attached below are of CHAPTER 1 and CHAPTER 11.
When citing please cite the textbook Critical Issues in Policing: Contemporary Readings (8th Edition) (2015)
Authors: Roger G. Dunham and Geoffrey Alpert
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