Project management may feel daunting to many nurses; however, as a nurse leader project management planning, mentoring, and implementation will serve as a valuable tool in effecting change in your healthcare organization or nursing practice. The project management process aligns with the five steps of the nursing process of, “assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation” (Sipes, 2020).

For this Assignment, you will demonstrate the leadership it takes to select a project management tool to develop a project management plan. Using the Learning Resources, your experience, and your collaboration with both your preceptor and team, you will explore the best project management tool to use to lead the project management plan for your practice problem.

Select an appropriate project management tool (for example: a Gantt chart or other tool) to design and plan your proposed practice change. Develop a strategic project management plan related to your practice problem and proposed practice change. Be sure to also include SMART objectives. Be specific.

Practice Problem: Will an educational program about the impact of the PHQ9 result in improved clinician knowledge and awareness of the PHQ9 in an adult mental health clinic in 4 weeks.