'What is the role of child sexual trauma for women before and during incarceration?'

This dissertation looks at how child sexual abuse affects women before prison and during prison. It’s a literature-based dissertation with themed chapters. I have attached the first chapter (which is the first chapter, not the introduction). The first chapter is on gendered pathways and how CSA affects women before prison and leads to it. Please write the second chapter based on how trauma affects women in prisons and specifically re-traumatises them.
Using the sociological pains of imprisonment, please specifically apply it to women.
The most important texts to use are:
‘The Sociological Pains of Imprisonment by Sykes
The Gendered Pains of Imprisonment by Crewe et al.
‘Depth, weight, tightness: Revisiting the pains of imprisonment by Crewe et al.

The first chapter included, is just for the writer to look and make sure the second chapter is completed isolated from the first.