The effects of stress on exam scores


4-6 pages
10 or 12 pt. font, APA style, black ink, times new roman font style, white paper, indent new paragraphs, use paragraph breaks
APA is written in past tense whenever possible (e.g. The purpose of the research was… .The authors noted…)
Need to have in-text citations for any material noted on the reference page
Double space lines of text
Inside the paper – main section titles are good for organization
Brief, clear, and concise writing; write with academic, formal voice
All writing should be done in the 3rd person
No more than 3 direct referenced quotes in paper (one sentence or less for each).
Read and follow in detail the paper guidelines; see grading rubric for specifics
Use spell check and grammar check!
Need separate title page and reference page

Title Page

Title of Paper
Author Name
Class Name & Section if applicable
Date (e.g. 4 January 2007)
12 pt. Font only!

Intro sentences to topic and paper
Statement of purpose (what you will write about and discuss do in the paper)
Goals of paper
Body of Review

This portion can be broken into different sections with subheadings
for examples of subheadings see the list of ideas
Compare/contrast the findings from the related research
Focus on health risk and related stressors
Suggested/researched coping methods
Summary of Content and Conclusion

Summarize the main content of paper
Wrap up main themes of paper
Final thoughts and looking forward, future areas of research

New page unto itself
APA style is usually cited: Last Name, First Name 1st (year). Article title. Journal title, vol, pp.
e.g. citation: Johnson, B. (2007). Learning to read the media. Journal of Popular Culture, 11, 124 -135.
See Purdue owl link for more on APA