Philosophy Final Exam – Consequentialism

Suppose you could use ChatGPT or a similar AI language model to help you write a university term paper. Suppose further that no one would know that you had used it to write the paper (even if you let the program write the whole paper for you without any inputs from you). Would you use it? If so, how would you use it and why? If not, why? (400 words long)

Your paper should have the following structure:

Paragraph 1: I would/would not enter the Matrix/use ChatGPT to write a university term paper because…
Paragraph 2: One might object that…
Paragraph 3: I reply that…

(i) There are multiple ways to use the Matrix and ChatGPT. If you argue that you would use the ChatGPT, make sure that you specify how exactly you would use it (in paragraph 1). If you argue that you would not use them, you may or may not need to specify your use. It would depend on your argument. 

(ii) Draw upon Consequentialism material provided below. And your decision should be ethically or morally informed. 

(iii) Make sure that paragraph 1 is presenting an argument for your decision, paragraph 2 raises an objection against the argument in paragraph 1, and paragraph 3 replies to the objection in paragraph 2.  

(iv) Write clearly and comprehensibly. Your assignment will be assessed partly based on clarity and comprehensibility.