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There is some revisioning needed per the review of the board. Here is the short review of the committee member: “Chapter Three is written as a term paper, not how the researcher will perform the research. I think it’s a good idea to move it all into Chapter Two since it is an outstanding detail, and then have the researcher write a draft of what they will perform to collect their data. “

Here is what we are going to do. We will NOT move it all to chapter 2. We will move parts of it. If there are areas of chapter 3, such as 3.3.2, move it. If there are other things in chapter 3 that are not directly related to HOW the data is collected, please move it to a place in chapter 2 where is makes the best fit. DON’T just move it anywhere. Integrate what is moved into chapter 2 correctly. That being said, don’t move more than 6 sections.

Ok, for the additions to chapter 3: What the committee member is asking is for the actual steps that will be taken to start the interviews. Here are some specifics:

1. Contact all three schools and initially obtain verbal permission to conduct research.
2. Explain what the research is about, benefits of the research and the needed participation from the faculty and IT staff.
3. Once the personnel have volunteered to be participants in the research, obtain written permission from the school to conduct the zoom interviews.
4. Schedule the interviews with each participant
5. Send the Consent form to each participant (give details as to what is in the form, but don’t rehash the whole thing, just the highlights. However, be more detailed on the handling of the personal data. The filled out consent for is attached)
6. Conduct the zoom interviews using the questions outlined in the dissertations paper
7. Gather the data and aggregate it.

Please elaborate on any of these points as long as it makes sense.

Please, please ask if you have questions.

Attached is the latest version of the document. I’ve made some edits myself. Also, I have changed the schools I am doing research on. that list of schools correctly are: Madison Academy, Westminster Academy, and Athens Bible School. The first two are in Huntsville AL, and the third is in Athens, AL.

Let me know if you need any other documents or want more details for specific instructions listed here. Also, if you need 1 more page, let me know as well.