Mindfulness training to decrease nurse anxiety to do better end-of =life care

I have to do pieces each week and i feel like I got started and then sort of washed a red sweatshirt in with my white clothes and now they are all pink
This is a nursing paper. I do not want it to be about hospice nurses, you may find that in these start up documents. I originally wanted to say.. Is there a decrease in nurse’s anxiety about death and dying after mindfulness training what will better enable them to provide end-of-life care and planning. It has to have an intro, thesis statement, problem statement, significance of the study, literature review, methodology, purpose, implications for nursing and conclusion. I have found a couple of articles that really sum it up and I think I would use a parameter like the nurses would take an anxiety test, do the mindfulness training and then take the test again and see if the anxiety went down after. Journal articles should be peer reviewed and written within 5 years.