1. Read the Mission statement (mission, vision, values and goals). Evaluate this mission statement in the light of the material contained in chapter 2. Does the mission clearly state the company basic strategic goals? Do the values listed here provide a good guideline for managerial action at the company? Do those values recognize stakeholder claims?
2. Read the section on corporate responsibility. How does the company attempt to balance the goals of providing stockholders with an adequate rate of return on their investment, while at the same time developing products that benefit customers and that can be acquired by people in need at an affordable price? Do you think that the company does a good job of balancing these goals?
3. Identify and explain the applicable dimensions (Economic and Environmental/Social) of sustainability in the company.
4. Does the selected company have a code of business ethics? If yes, describe what you like most/least about the key aspects of the code. In addition to a code of business ethics, what are the other initiatives and practices that managers can adopt to promote ethical behaviors at the workplace? Support your recommendations with examples.
5. Does the selected company, periodically and formally, develop and report environmental sustainability? If yes, please describe the nature and scope of the report. In your opinion, do you think that environmental affairs should be treated more as a technical function or a management function in the company? 4. Does the firm provide employees with workshops and training related to environmental sustainability? If yes, please specify.