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Presentation (on Leadership) Currently, Crawford Broome Aggregates employ a range of leadership styles (autocratic in the building division and laissez faire in the architects’ section) but there is no real consistency across the organisation. The directors want to implement a single management style.
Task: Present/Demonstrate how different leadership styles and models can influence the success or failure of Crawford Broome Aggregates and whether their desire for a more consistent approach is valid.
• Consider different leadership styles (authoritarian, paternalistic, laissez faire and democratic styles)
• Consider industrial v commercial v professional backgrounds and whether it makes any difference to the styles employed • Task centred v people leadership models Suggested structure:
• Tell us which TWO models and/or approaches you have chosen influence the success / failure of the business and why.
• Tell us whether industrial / commercial / professional backgrounds make any differences to the styles employed • Tell us how task-centred or people leadership models affect the leadership styles that are employed
• Should Crawford Broome Aggregates opt for a more consistent approach? Why/Why not? Instructions