Hindutva and gender

The infographic assignment is an educational infographic.

You should construct an infographic of the topic for educational purposes. There are many different formats of infographics – this one is a poster.

The poster should be a combination of text (including statistics if relevant) and images. Images can include drawings, illustrations, and photographs. However, make sure that the text, images, and overall format are suited to the subject.

The infographic should be visually appealing, meaning that it should catch people’s eye if it was posted on a bulletin board, but also be educational in content and design.

There is a fine balance between text and visuals. You need to ensure that the infographic is visually appealing but that it also provides sufficient educational information in terms of text and graphics.

You can use any graphic design website that you like such as Canva.

Program like Google Slides can be used to design infographics in combination with open source, free, downloadable images and illustrations from sites such as pixabay.com. Make note the sites you use for yourself.

Construction of the infographic is wholly your responsibility. You are welcome to use a template from a website or program but make the final product as much your own as possible. Make sure that the design is aesthetically suited to the topic.

here is a link for some Infographic sample