Exploring the Potential and Challenges of HR Data Utilization: A Case Study of Unilever

Using evidence from Unilever, discuss the opportunities and limitations of developing a strategy to improve the use of HR data.
•You do need to describe the organization breifly.
•You may well find corporate websites helpful for describing e.g. strategy, financial data etc. (and these should be listed as sources) but you will have to draw on your own knowledge of the culture of the organization
• The key here is that you use information from a real life setting to illustrate the issues around HR data and analytics (you can focus on two or tress issues such as recruitment, promotion, etc, but no more than tree, because you won’t have enough space to offer an interesting insight into every issue).
• Even though this is a more practically-focused assignment, you should still list your sources – this should NOT only be based on your own reflections, so you MUST do some wider reading – suggested sources provided.