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Further information on dissertation:
Size or length of assessment 9,000 words, footnotes included. The abstract, table of contents and bibliography are excluded from the word count Unit learning outcomes On completion of this unit, you should be able to:
1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding• Sound knowledge and detailed critical understanding of a specialist legal topic of current relevance and of the way in which extra-legal factors (moral values, economic factors, societal attitudes, political considerations, etc.) influence the law and are in turn influenced by legal norms.
2 Demonstrate the following skills and abilities• Ability to independently identify, locate and analyse the primary sources and academic commentary relevant to your research topic and to critically assess the reliability and value of those sources in order to use them in a meaningful manner to support a legal argument and present this in alogically structured, well-written and fully referenced piece of writing.
What am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment 2 consists of a dissertation of up to 9,000 words, in which you are expected to critically examine the legal framework pertaining to the research area under evaluation, as well as, where appropriate, other extra-legal factors. The structure of your dissertation must be agreed with your supervisor. Typically, a dissertation will contain the following sections:
• Abstract
Table of contents
• Body of the dissertation (Introduction, Chapters, Conclusions)
• Bibliography Please ensure that you attend the scheduled dissertation workshops and regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss the development of your research.
INSTRUCTIONS• The word-limit for the Dissertation is 9,000 words including footnotes. The abstract, table of contents, and bibliography are excluded from the word count.