Conclusion draft and wordiness" worksheet "

Hi All,

I believe you feel tired because of spending a lot of time on your body paragraphs, but since you gained momentum towards finishing your paper, we will take a look at the last step of your final research paper: writing conclusions. If you remember, this section will be around 10% of your entire paper. You will find detailed information about how to write an effective conclusion in this week’s materials. As a quick reminder, in your conclusions,

1- Please revisit your thesis statement not by repeating, but by rephrasing it. In other words, don’t use the exact same words, but instead, paraphrase your thesis.

2- Answer “So what?” question. Especially when you are writing a persuasive essay, you generally spend most of your paper trying to convince someone about something, so you try to prove some ideas by referring to academic articles. Suppose that your audience is convinced, and so what? What do you expect your audience to do? You advise them not to use plastic bottles anymore, or to protect their children from the negative impacts of IPads? Please remember to make a suggestion/solution in your conclusion.

3- Never bring up a new topic/idea that is not in your thesis statement. If a new/exciting idea comes to your mind and you would like to add a paragraph about it, please go back to your thesis statement to add that idea among your reasons.

By Sunday, April 9th:

Watch this video: “A Recipe for Strong Conclusion”

Play Video
Go over Conclusion Strategies and PPT Slides for Effective Conclusion.

Complete the first draft of your conclusion paragraphs and do a self review based on the conclusion peer review sheet. Explain the areas you need to improve before you submit the final version of your conclusion next week.
Complete the “wordiness” worksheet by rewriting the sentences in a simplified language.

Remember to do some self-care to reward yourself having come to this point in this course 🙂

I will get back to you with some feedback about your body paragraphs this week. Please let me know if you would like to discuss some of the comments with me.

Phew! You will be working on the last piece of your final research paper this week, and then you can take a deep breath. If you are not sure about your title page and references, don’t worry about it since I will post some resources about them next week.