8-1 Discussion: Final Reflection Discussion Topic

The course is Advanced Pathophysiology. Textbook used:

McCance, S.H. K. ([Insert Year of Publication]). Pathophysiology (8th ed.). Elsevier Health Sciences (US). https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/books/9780323583473

In this discussion, you will reflect on what you have learned in this course and predict how the role of the graduate-level nurse will change over time.
In your initial post, consider the following:

Explain how this course has changed your view of your role as a future graduate nurse in addressing the health needs of individuals with acute and chronic diseases including equity of access, treatment, and human rights from a domestic and a global perspective.
How will your new knowledge of advanced pathophysiology assist you in improving the clinical assessment of your clients?
What is the future role of the graduate-level nurse? How do you see this role changing as patient-care technologies advance over time?