7-1 Final Project Submission: Case Study Analysis

This the textbook used as a reference for the paper:
McCance, K. L., & Huether, S. E. (2019) Pathophysiology. Available from: MBS Direct, (8th Edition). Elsevier.

I’ve attached the paper. I’ve highlighted in yellow on the final project guidelines rubric the information that is needed which is the Plan of Care

Potential Complications
(Using your treatment description as a guide, explain the potential complications and patient safety concerns of this case, including when and why they may occur.)

Further Chronic Conditions or Concerns
(Assess the patient’s risk of developing any further chronic conditions or concerns that should be addressed, based on the patient’s background, health history, and your testing and treatment decisions.)

Recommendations and Plan of Care
(Summarize your recommendations and plan of care for the patient, including expected treatment options, discharge location (home, rehabilitation setting, or long-term care), and follow-up care. Be sure to include a brief discussion of how you would address the family’s concerns related to discharge.)